That is one question a lot of new YouTubers ask all the time including myself when I first started.

And for the longest time, I thought I needed to get to YouTube’s threshold of 10,000 watch hours and 1k subscribers to make money from YouTube.

Boy was I wrong.

So a few months ago, I created this video and it ended up getting 1,485 video views. 

I was ecstatic about it because I have a really small YouTube channel with 74 subscribers.

And I know that might not seem like a lot to you reading this but it was a really huge breakthrough for me.

From that one video, I got 15 new leads and secured 2 clients who paid me a total of $650.

Initially, I thought they had found me through Pinterest but I was in complete shock when they told me they found me through YouTube.

That simple YouTube video made me $650.

So today, I’m going to be tell you all the secrets about:

1. How making money from Ads on YouTube is affected by YouTube views.

2. Niches on YouTube that make a ton of money even with low YouTube views.  

3. Why you don’t need a ton of YouTube views to make money

4. Ways to make money even if you have low YouTube views or few subscribers.


So let’s get into it.

YouTube Views and Ad Revenue

I know you were anticipating a more straightforward answer like it takes X YouTube views to make money from YouTube, but that’s not the case.


Because of a variety of factors. One being CPM.



Location of Audience.

Number of YouTube views a day.

Number of Ads watched.

Number of Ads on Video

Skipped Ads.



What is CPM?

CPM stands for Cost per 1,000 impressions (Mile). When your channel gets monetized, you’ll quickly learn that this CPM highly impacts the amount of money you make per 1,000 views.

It’s obvious that the higher the CPM, the more money you’ll make even if you have the same amount of YouTube views.

What Influences the CPM on YouTube

Well, there are a bunch of factors like your niche, the advertisers bidding power, and the value the advertisers see fit to pay for 1,000 impressions.

There’s also the factor of location. Advertisers are more likely to pay highly for audiences in the US than they are for audiences in Africa.

That’s just the way it is.

In short, you have little to no control of the CPM that YouTube gives your account. In the very least, you can change your content to get into niches that have a high CPM but that’s about all you can do about your CPM.

What You Need To Know About Getting AD Monetized On YouTube

Once you get to YouTube’s threshold, then you’re able to make money from the video views you get but there are some things you don’t know about and here they are.

1.    You will not make money off of the previous views your video accrued before your videos got ad monetized on YouTube.


2.    You will only make money from ads on YouTube if people watch your videos even if you’ve been monetized. E.g, If your videos don’t get views on a specific day, then you won’t make any money on that day from ads.


3.    If your audience is from low CPM areas like Africa, the amount of money you’ll make from YouTube views will be extremely low compared to a channel that gets its views from US-based, UK and Canada audiences.


4.    There are niches that have high CPMs and others that have low CPMs.


Speaking of Niches, let’s talk about just that.


how many youtube views to make money

Niches That Pay More Money For YouTube Ad Views

Instead of asking how many YouTube views you need to make money on YouTube, you need to know what niches will give you the most money from average YouTube videos.

I don’t like wasting time so let’s get into it.

1.    Business Niche.

I’ve watched YouTube videos where the owners have claimed to have high CPMs of $8 - $15. I’ve also checked their CPMs through this tool that helps you see the analytics and earning estimation of these business channels and for sure, the CPMs they report to have are real.

2.    Finance Niche.

It is common knowledge that Finance bloggers make the most money on YouTube as financial firms are willing to pay more and have huge ad budgets. The CPMs for the finance niches are $18 - $25.

3.    Mom Channels.

Most mom channels have a CPM of $5 - $10 because of the number of companies targeting moms. It’s obvious their CPMs will be high.


If you happen to be in these niches, we can easily calculate how much money you can make from YouTube views.

In fact, let’s do it.

So if you get 100k views a month from all your YouTube videos, place only one ad, it gets watched by all those people, and you’re in the business niche with a CPM of $8, you will make $800. (remember CPM is cost per 1,000 impressions).

If some of those people watching your videos happen to not watch your ads, then you won’t make any money from.

That takes us to the next factor.



It’s simple, if you have more YouTube views/impressions watching ads, you’ll make more money from YouTube views.



You are allowed to place as many ads as you’d like on your videos. The more people watch your ads, the more money you’ll make. If the ads aren’t watched, you won’t make money off of YouTube ad views.

That’s why it’s good to test the best ad placements for your YouTube videos.

Also, it’s worth noting that if people skip the ads, you will not make money off the YouTube views.


The more ads you place on your video, the more likely you are to make more money off of YouTube ad views but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you'll make money especially if your audience skips ads all the time.


It’s worth noting that if people skip the ads, you will not make money off the YouTube views. That’s why it’s important to tell your audience your goals so that they can help you reach your goals by watching your ads or simply ask them to watch the ads.


Now, this one is a bit complicated. Playbacks are basically the total number of ad views (not impressions) ads get. For instance, if you placed 2 ads on a video and they get 500 views, the total impressions will be 1,000 but the playbacks will just be 500.

Remember playbacks are not views, they are people who watched your ads. And sometimes they can fluctuate.

Why you don’t need a ton of YouTube views to make money?

It’s time the myth is broken that you need a ton of YouTube views to make money from YouTube.

You’ve seen making money from YouTube ad views is a lot trickier than most people think it is.

But most experienced YouTubers don’t even rely on the ad revenue from YouTube views, instead they have other sources of income that rely on the video views.

And that’s what I accidentally stumbled on when I made $650 from YouTube views.


There are several ways you can make money off YouTube views without having a huge subscriber count.

1.   Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is essentially selling other people’s stuff and making a commission off of that sale. All you have to do is direct your viewers to an irresistible offer and you make a huge commission.


2.   Through Promoting your Own Products

If you have products you’re selling, an ecourse, ebook, membership programs etc, you can easily direct people to your products and make extra income through it.

All you have to do is place links in your description and talk about it in your videos. It’s that simple.


3.   Brand Sponsorships

You’ve seen a lot of influencers, talk about a brand sponsorship, well, they pay really well. And the more subscribers you have, the more brands are willing to pay for airtime on your YouTube channel.


4.   Sell Services

If you offer services, ensure you let people what you do or just talk about your website where you talk more about your services. If a person is interested, they will reach out to you to work with you.

I find this method of getting clients a lot less tedious as you don’t have to constantly look for clients all the time.




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