Coming up with YouTube video ideas that get you subscribers and videos is the hardest bit of being a YouTuber

But that’s about to change because in this post I’ve combined a list of YouTube video ideas with actual titles that you can copy and paste to help you post your next YouTube video.

I’ve segmented these YouTube video ideas into simple categories so you can simply go into each category and find the content idea that you love from a particular section.

Let’s get into it.


Just as the name suggests, these YouTube content ideas are simple to create and edit. You don’t need to spend hours creating or editing. The reason I love these video ideas is that they have the ability to gain massive subscribers with minimal effort. And that they are highly dependent on a person’s reaction/ personality.

They are: Prank Videos, listicle videos & video combinations.

Now let’s get into the titles of these YouTube video ideas in each section.

Prank Videos.

These video ideas are super easy to film as you just place hidden cameras and wait for the reaction of people around. And when it’s time to edit, all you have to do is cut out the fluff, add in funny gifs and voila, you have a video ready in 2 hours.

YouTube Video Idea Titles.

1.    I acted like I was dead Prank Video on Boyfriend. Here's an inspirational Youtube video you can pick:

The reason this works so well is that the top ranking videos are super old - I'm talking about 5 years ago and you can always be creative with tis type of YouTube video idea.

2.    Cheating Video Prank on boyfriend/ girlfriend/wife.

These types of video pranks are always engaging to watch especially if you have a family channel. So if you're trying to grow your Youtube channel, use these types of pranks to get new eyes on your videos. 

3.    Prank on parents/ significant other about not being straight.

Listicle Videos

These are video ideas that create lists of things. They are easy to create as you can just buy videos or get royalty free videos to create a mashup of your subject video. And the only thing that you need to add is a voice over to explain the things that are happening in that particular place.

YouTube Video Idea Titles.

4.    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai.

5.    10 Things About Social Media Influencers You Didn’t Know.

6.    5 Instagram Famous Influencers That Are Millionaires.


Video Compilation.

With these YouTube video ideas, you will not be able to make money through ads


Because it’s a mashup of content ideas that belong to other content creators.

But you can monetize your videos through having your own merch or through affiliate marketing.

These YouTube videos are known to attract a huge audience and that can make it very easy for you to get a ton of sales.

YouTube Video Idea Titles.

7.    Top TikTok Videos on Introduction of Businesses.

8.    Top Instagram reels that You should try today.

9.    Funny TikTok fails That Broke the Internet.

As you can see these YouTube video ideas are easy to create because you don’t really need to film anything. All you have to do is download other creators’ videos and then create a compilation of all of them.

And since people love these kinds of videos, you can end up gaining over 1 million views.


Popular YouTube Content Ideas. 

These YouTube videos ideas are highly searchable and super popular on YouTube. These are the kinds of videos ideas that influencers use on YouTube to get new subscribers because they’re simply popular on the platform.

Let’s jump right into the video idea titles.

Popular YouTube Video Idea Titles

10.  Moving Vlogs.

If you’re moving into another city or into your dorm in uni or into another apartment, then be sure to pick up your camera and film the entire process.

According to Google trends, this type of video idea has an all time high throughout the year.

And the best part about these types of YouTube videos is that you can create a series out of your entire moving process.

All you have to do is create a playlist once you’re done with your moving series and it will generate your YouTube channel a ton of subscribers and views months after you published your videos.

The only problem with these types of videos is that they have a timeline. You can’t move all the time so you can’t create moving vlogs every month unless you’re a moving company.

11. House Tours.

People absolutely love house tours, whether it’s empty house tours or furnished house tours. You can always check Google trends to see the best season to post this kind of content to get the most traction.

12. Day In The Life Vlogs.

These YouTube videos ideas are famous for getting thousands of videos views. But if you’re just starting out on YouTube, this type of content idea should not be in your content calendar as you do not have subscribers who are genuinely interested in your life. But if you are famous outside of YouTube, then this can be the gamechanger for your YouTube channel.

Youtube video ideas to help gain subscribers and vires

13. Cleaning Videos.

Raise your hand if you love watching cleaning videos just for the sake of looking at the furniture and deco in the house? I know I do. These cleaning YouTube videos are super popular and they are mainly dominated by moms so if you’re a guy and love cleaning, you’d really make a huge impact in the cleaning niche on YouTube.

For you to be able to bring to life this YouTube video idea, you’ll have to learn how to take different angles of you cleaning or invest in two or three camera to give your videos that professional feel.

There are different titles that you can experiment with these types of videos.

a.    Cleaning Motivation.

b.    Speed Cleaning.

c.    (Season) Cleaning e.g Spring Cleaning, Summer Cleaning. Etc

14.  Grocery Shopping Videos.

People absolutely love these videos. And over the years, the interest of these YouTube videos has remained constant. So if you’re the person who does the grocery shopping in your house, then you should consider showing a grocery shopping experience.

If you’re uncomfortable with filming yourself shopping, you can try another closely related video idea called grocery haul.

In these types of videos, if you spend more, you get more views. If you spend an unbelievably low amount of money and show that you survive on that, you’ll also gain a ton of views.

The best thing about these YouTube videos ideas is that they don’t take long to film and the editing process is also not tedious.

15.   Mukbang Videos.

These are more of sit down videos but they involve eating food and talking about interesting topics. Over the past two years, these types of videos have really gained a ton of traction. 

And if you’re a vlogger, you might want to put this YouTube video idea in your content calendar.

There are different types of mukbang videos like ASMR, spicy food, seafood, and fast food.

You can always create a twist to it and include the cooking experience before the actual Mukbang if you’re the one who makes the food.

16.  Reaction Videos.

Now these video ideas are amazing because they show people’s reaction to their own content or to other people’s content. And the best part about having these types of videos is that you’ll be able to put ads on the videos unlike the other compilation videos.

You can always add your own style by mixing it with a challenge where you try not to laugh and that makes it fun for your audience to watch.

17. Children’s Birthday Parties.

According to Tubebuddy, kid’s birthday parties are highly sort after. The keyword is highly searched for and the competition is really low.

So if you’re just starting your YouTube channel or you have a small YouTube channel, then you can use this YouTube video idea to help bring in traction to your YouTube channel. You can thank me later. Wink Wink.


Unique YouTube Content Ideas. 

With this one, we’ll just get into the YouTube video idea titles because they are unique and cannot be categorized in any particular niche.

18. Exchanging Lives With A Homeless Person video idea

19. Living for 24 hours As A Muslim video idea

20. Strictly Eating Street Food For One Week video idea

21. Living in the Most Dangerous Neighborhood of My City YouTube video idea

22. Not Eating Anything For A Whole Week content idea

23. Working As An Uber Driver For A Whole Day video idea

24. Going To The Worst Rated Nail Salon YouTube content idea.  

25. Trying weird Kitchen gadgets To see if they actually work.

Seasonal YouTube Video Ideas. 

These videos ideas can only be created during certain periods of the year. 

That can be an advantage and a disadvantage. 

If you miss the opportunity to plan for this type of content, then you will miss out on a lot of new people finding your channel because of the seasonal searches. 

So in order to capitalize on this YouTube video idea, you need to be able to plan ahead, make sure you show the planning phase and then finally film the actual day.

Here are a few video ideas you should plan for.

26. Halloween vlog.

27. Creating Halloween costume.

28. Halloween Party Planning.

29. Christmas vlog.

30. Decorating for Christmas.

31. St. Patrick’s Day Vlog

32. Vlogmas where you film for the entire month of December.

The one way to beat the rest of the content creators to it is to make sure you post the planning process of a season/ holiday coming up. 

Then, place all the YouTube videos that are associated with that season/ holiday in one playlist so that YouTube can promote all the videos in that playlist collectively.

Niche Content Ideas. 

Now, I know a lot of YouTubers are very niche talking about specific topics and sometimes the research bit can be very tiresome. So in this section, I’ve come up with YouTube videos ideas for every niche that will help you gain a ton of traction.

These video ideas have been researched meaning they have a high number of people searching for them and low competition.

So let’s start with:

DIY Niche content Ideas. 

YouTube Video Idea Titles.

33. Turn a shirt into a dress DIY.

34. Paper flowers for kids DIY.

35. DIY Iphone case art.

36. Nail Art DIY

37. DIY sneakers cleaning hack.

38. Dye Shirt patterns.

39. DIY for home d├ęcor

40. DIY crafts for kids.

Mom Channel Youtube Content Ideas 

Video Idea Titles

41. Morning Routine for mom and baby/ no of children.

42. Night Time Routines.

43. School Routines.

44. Meal Prep Ideas.

45. Organizational Hacks.

46. Simple Mom Vlog.

47. Potty Training Vlog.

48. Pregnancy & Birth Vlog.

49. Baby Shower Vlog

Finance Niche Youtube Content Ideas

In this niche, most of the YouTube video ideas are sit down videos that are mostly how to videos. 

There are also review videos in this niche where you can be able to compare two financial institutions.

These YouTube video ideas are simple to create and are guaranteed to get you a ton of views.

Let’s get into it.

50. How to save money while living off one income as a family of 3.

51. How I was able to save (amount of money)

52. Things That I bought that made me broke.

53. Finance Books that totally changed the way I look at money.

54. 10 Investments that Will Take Your Monthly Income to the next level.

55. How to start investing in  property.

56. 10 Frugal Ideas That Helped Me Start My Business.

57. 5 Extreme Frugal Habits I had to Stop Doing for my own sanity.

Business Niche YouTube Video Ideas. 

58. How to really start a business with no money.

59. Business mistakes that will cost you a ton of cash.

60. How I secure clients for my Business.

61. Business Ideas that are fun and make tons of cash.

62. Why your Business is struggling.

63. How to attract clients instead of looking for them.

64. How to get things done as a solopreneur.

65. Top 5 money making activities you need to focus on for your business.

Instagram Marketing Niche YouTube Content Ideas

66. How to Instagram followers.

67. How to make the Instagram algorithm love you.

68. How to grow on Instagram without reels.

69. The Instagram hashtag you need to use in 2021.

70. New Instagram changes you need to know about.

71. Top 10 Canva tricks to make your Instagram stories engaging.

72. How to sell on Instagram stories.

73. Stop looking like a fraud Instagram guru. What to do instead.

Beauty Niche YouTube Video Ideas

74.    Simple makeup routine for newbies.

75.    One product daily makeup routine

76.    10 homemade facemasks to clear out acne.

77.    15 inexpensive lipsticks that stay for 24 hours.

78.    Products you should not use if you have oily skin.

79.    How I cleared acne without visiting a dermatologist.

80.    Soft glam with affordable drugstore makeup. 

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