When you’re lazy, it can be difficult to be productive and that can lead to procrastination. That’s why I created this long post on the productive things to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis so that you can form habits that kill laziness.

It will give you ideas on the things that you can do when you’re feeling lazy that can help you lighten up and beat procrastination.

The list of productive things to do in this post is super comprehensive and doable.

So let's get to the entire list of 101 productive habits to form in 2022.


1. Exercise and get your heart thumping.

It improves the brain's ability to prioritize on tasks better. And since you’re trying to beat laziness, what better way to trick your mind to become active than work on your body.


2. Clean and Declutter the house.

There's a refreshing feeling you get every single time you walk into a clean home/ room.

You feel more peaceful and you're able to focus on things better than when you're constantly thinking about the dishes that you left in the dish washing machine.

And because it can get hard when you’re bored to get motivated to do so, you can watch cleaning motivation videos on YouTube.

I’ve found they work wonders on me.


3. Learn a language.

What better way to become productive when you’re bored with the least effort?

You can learn a language as you lay on your bed. There are a ton of apps on android and apple phones to help you kill time.

Plus, there's a feeling of accomplishment you always get when you're able to even construct a sentence in another language.

I remember feeling that way when I started learning French. I can attest that it gets exciting when you see your progress over time.


4. Get into home improvement.

You know that garden project that you’ve been putting off or the roof that has been leaking, well, this is the time to get productive and fix your home.

It's always exciting and satisfying to know that something is in a better condition than it was because of you.


5. Create Fun DIY Projects with Your Child/ Spouse.

I recently learned how to create play dough and it was so fun creating it with my son as we both didn't know what to do and we just winged it. This can be fun and kill the boredom you’re experiencing.

6. Bake at Home with Your Spouse/ Kids/ Friends.

It is so fun to bake at home because of the sweet treats you get at the end.

But because there are a ton of moving parts, this is one productive thing to do when you’re bored.

From the sieving of the flour to the whipping of batter, you will be so indulged in creating that sweet treat that you’ll forget your boredom.

Plus, if you have kids, it’s super fun for them because it’s a messy affair. And you know how kids are… they love making messes.


7. Plan Your Next Day.

If you don't plan, you plan to fail. If you are bored, it means you think you don’t have anything to do but I can guarantee you that you haven’t done this one.

And if you’re anything like me (love visualizing your day), then you’ll find this activity super engaging. And that will kill your boredom.


8. Create a New Challenge.

When a particular task is challenging, it takes up your entire focus. You want to figure it out and that can take time.

So instead of just sitting and watching Netflix, why don’t you try out a new challenge?

If you’re struggling to find a challenge, go to Instagram. There are a ton of influencers who have ongoing challenges.

They are absolutely fun.


9. Take a Nap.

I know this beat what a productive thing should do to kill your boredom but power naps are great for the brain.

They are great to refresh your mind when you’re overworked or just bored.

Also, don’t take power naps for sleeping the entire afternoon. That’s not a power nap.

A power nap should take an hour at most so set an alarm if you struggle getting out of bed.


10. Review your Financial Expenditure.

It's always good to see where you're at financially.

It will help you realize that you need to create ideas to make more money, save or cut down on expenses to reach your goals instead of being bored.


11. Read a Book.

It doesn't matter what type of book you read, whether fictional or educational as long as it occupies your mind, teaches you something, kills the boredom, and gets you in a state of productivity.


12. Get your Facials Right.

It doesn't kill you to ensure that your skin is looking great and smooth. And when you're bored, you could easily start a facial routine and get yourself out of that slump.

After all, having smooth skin is something everyone wants so why not start now?


productive things to do when bored at home

13. Get into Online Classes.

When you're occupied with online classes, you'll always have something to do from Homework to classwork.


14. Read, Organize, and Delete Unimportant Emails.

You know how you're always busy and never get to reading those emails and your inbox looks like cluttered?

Well, this is the time to organize your emails and delete the unimportant ones. You have no idea the happiness you’ll feel when you see that 0 on your inbox.


15. Make Future Plans.

Future plans help to ensure you keep a positive mindset as it helps your psyche know that there is a possibility for the future.

It can be hard to be productive when you can’t picture a future. So get out bed and make future plans of anything, be it your personal life or your business. It doesn’t matter.

Remember the goal here is to find something productive to kill your boredom.


16. Allow Yourself to Day Dream.

I did some research on day dreaming because I am one good culprit of this habit. And I was curious to find out why I keep day dreaming and it turns out that it is a sign of being smart. I'm a little proud of myself but you should probably try and envision how your intended lifestyle would be.

It will change your mood.


17. Play with Your Child.

If you have a child, you know how children really appreciate the time they get to spend with you. And it's really fun when you see your child happy and excited. It also makes you happy.


18. Create a Vision Board.

I created a vision board at the beginning of this year and it was really fun.

It doesn't cost a lot to make it because all you need is a bunch of magazines, a board, scissors and some glue.

It’s a time killer and a builder of your dreams.

With a vision board, you can visualize your goals and actually want to work towards them.


19. Create Long Term Strategies on How to Improve your Life.


20. Create Short Term Strategies to Simplify your Life.


21. Go Grocery Shopping.

It's always amazing to get out of the house and do some shopping. It really helps to have a change in environment when you’re bored at home.


22. Online Shopping.

There's nothing like some retail therapy to keep your mind off the boredom and keep you excited as you expect your orders.

But make sure you do not buy irrelevant items.


23. Improve your Skills.

This is the time to get more in-depth knowledge on your skills and improve your skillset to ensure you add more value to your company or even to your business.


24. Start a Business.

If you're bored, it means that you lack the enthusiasm to do anything and starting a business that you're passionate might be able to change that.

Looking forward to how your business will be launched, grow, help people, and make a ton of cash will surely improve your productivity long term and beat boredom.

Just make sure you’re starting a business for the right reasons - you’re passionate and know it’s not an easy route to take.

Otherwise, it’s a great productive thing to do as you’ll never be bored.

Plus, there will always be something to do when you do start your business.


25. Write a Business Plan.

If you've ever wanted to start a business, this is the time to do it.

Get your one-page business plan template to ensure you're able to do things that you love and make you happy.


26. Do Market Research.

Research is always an ongoing basis if you do decide to start a business.

Plus, it will keep you occupied, keep you away from boredom, and ensure you’re engaging in productive activities that will move the needle in your business.


27. Connect with Old Friends and Family That are Far Away.

This is a very difficult period right now for everybody. People are dealing with the situation differently and it is quite essential to check up on friends and family just to make sure that they are okay.


28. Have a Dance Party Household.

It is always fun to have activities to do with your family when you're together as it kills the boredom for everybody in the house and also gives you a mind reboot if you're working from home.


29.  Create Plan to Pay Off Debt.

Paying debt will help you live a better stress-free life. And incidentally, you will also have more money at your disposal that will facilitate in successfully building a savings account.


30. Meditate and Yoga.

These two activities will help you keep stress at bay even when corona causes so much chaos in the world.


31. Print Out Motivational Art Prints.

Art prints are amazing in ensuring you stay motivated plus, if you place them in your home office, you'll be able to read them and even motivate yourself.

Plus, they'll also require some art frames and that can also keep you occupied and improve your living space at the same time.


31. Organize Kitchen Drawers.


32. Wash the windows.

33. Organize your pantry and put your flours in jar.

34. Then, create stickers and write the expiry date at the bottom of the jar.

35. Clear up your phone and delete apps that you don't use.

36. Check all the subscriptions that are not helpful to you and unsubscribe.

37. Use the cook book you bought and never got around to using it and try the recipes in there.

38. Clean out your closet and remove all those clothes that don't fit you anymore.

39. Donate your clothes to the needy.

40. Engage in apps that improve your brain activity like sudoku and word puzzles.

41. Create & Maintain Morning Routine.

You can easily do this by writing out the things you want to do in the morning on a sticky note.

Then, stick the note on a wall close to your bed so that it’s the first thing you see.

When I first created my morning routine, it was fun and it took 2 hours. If you’re bored, I guess you can kill your boredom in those 2 hours.

If this is something that you’d like to do, make sure you don’t add these toxic activities in your morning routine.

They could potentially ruin your entire day and make you unproductive.


42. Improve your night time routine to ensure you are productive.

43. Focus on eating healthily and...

44. Dive into quora and find out how to make healthy snacks, smoothies, and food to help you stay focused and refreshed.

45. Get a finance app for your small business.

46. Create Presence On Social Media

More people are spending a lot of their time on social media and this is the time to build a following if you're not really keen on starting a business right now.

47. Learn how to be frugal & plan for it.

You can create a plan on how you’ll avoid overspending.

You can easily use the envelope system.

It allows you to spend money only on the set category on the envelope.


48. Creating a budgeting plan for your business and/ or your personal life.

49. Clean your laptop properly removing all the dust.

50. Clear out any unnecessary documents from your laptop.

51. Organize your laptop files to make everything easily accessible to you when you want to perform specific tasks.

52. Create a backup of all your files so that you don't lose any vital information.

53. Batch create content if you're a blogger or content creator.

54. Film videos and upload on YouTube.

55. Grow your YouTube channel and start getting some extra cash.
56. Plan vir

tual events with your friends and family to enjoy each other's company especially on specific holidays.

57.Create a content calendar and write down all the topics that you'll be talking about in the next coming months.

58. Use productivity apps to automate some of the tasks that are done regularly so that you can be able to focus on the more important ones.

59. Master the art of balancing work and life by watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts.

60. Go to Pinterest & Get Ideas on Your Next Project.

Pin some pictures and content pieces that will help facilitate your projects. I absolutely love Pinterest.

I get all my holiday ideas and make money from this platform.

It’s a great platform to have in your pocket.

So if you have a business or blog, it would be a great place to promote your business or blog.  

Learn how to get clicks and impressions on new pins on Pinterest and boost sales & traffic.


61. Log into Skillshare and learn a new set of skills such as drawing, calligraph and even SEO.

62. Write an Ebook.

If you've always wanted to write an eBook do it using simple apps like Scrivener.

Scrivener is customized for authors and the tool has so many features that allow writers to incorporate pictures, lists and so many other visual materials.

Plus, the interface allows you to have an overview of how the overall book will look at the end.


63. Print Out a Worksheet.

If you want to follow up on the things that you do weekly, daily or monthly, it’s time to find a great worksheet. Worksheets are a great way to measure what’s working in your business, at work or in your personal life.

All you have to do is find one, print it out, fill it out, follow through by holding yourself accountable, and measure your success.


64. Write Notes for The Last Online Class you Had.

Use marker pens to highlight the important points that will help you read faster for your exams if you're in college.


65. Do a Mani-Pedi.

Clean your nails and apply a fresh coat of nail polish so that you can stop feeling unkempt.

Plus, if you have a couple of other people in your household, you can paint each other's nails. I find this so fun every time I do it.


66. Plan a Course Launch

If you've been wanting to launch a course, use the teachable platform to create and launch your course.

Plus, it's a great idea to make money because the knowledge industry is among the top growing industries right now.

So if you have information people are actively looking for, try this.

For sure, it will make you productive and kill boredom.


67. Write What you Are Thankful For

It will stop making you feel bored and unhappy with your life. And it will build some positive vibes across the board in everything that you do.


68. Go Camping.

If you have a backyard, you can go camping right there. If not, camping sites are known to observe social distancing so there will be no need to be scared to go out.


69. Create a list of people who you appreciate in your life and make them know it.

Life is too short not to appreciate the people that mean the world to you. That could even spark a conversation that will instantly kill the boredom.


70. Clean and Organize your Fridge.

Often, we forget to clean out the fridge and remove all the frozen, expired items.

Well, this is the time to do it to ensure that your fridge smells and looks great.


71. Try a New Hairstyle.

There are so many tutorials over on YouTube teaching people how to cut their hair and you could follow it.

Cutting your hair always gives you a new look and a new feeling of confidence.


72. Remove All the Toxic People in Your Life.

Stop posting all the toxic people quotes on your status. It’s time to do something about it.

This is the period where you evaluate all your relationships with your friends and you analyze whether they're worth keeping or not.

It's better to have a small circle of true and loyal friends than so many friends who aren't loyal.


73. Delete contacts that you have not used in the last year.

74. If you're Single, Speed Date.

Use dating apps to do so but be extremely cautious of inviting a stranger to your home for safety reasons. Always meet a stranger in a public place.


75. Give Away Unused Things Stored in your Garage 

Another man's trash is another man's treasure and you could even...


76. Sell your Used Items on Ebay.

Ebay is extremely competitive so you can simply underprice your items. It will work for items you’re not attached to or weren’t initially expensive.

On the flip side, if you have used clothes, ThredUp is the place to go.


77. Get into flipping websites the right way and earn some crazy money.

If you're not into that, get other online business ideas you can start right at home that cost $0 to start.


78. Start a Blog.

If you love writing, this will be such a fun thing to do as you get to learn the ropes as time passes by.


79. Track your Investments.

This is the best time to analyze the performance of your investments and see whether or not you should continue investing in specific areas or not.


80. Start a 30-day Savings Challenge

It will help you get your next big goal be it buying a house in your 20's or just simply clearing debt.

You can create a sheet that states how much you should save daily.

If you’re paid weekly, you could tweak your savings challenge sheet to weekly instead of daily.


81. Write a list of all your toxic behaviors, reflect on them, and find a way to change those habits and make yourself a better person.

82. Take a Bath and Sip on Wine to Unwind.

When you're bored, it's good to love on yourself.

Pamper yourself at home. It is super inexpensive compared to going to the spa.

Make yourself feel good, relaxed, and fresh.

Plus, it's also good to do this to reduce your stress levels or avoid them if you aren't stressed.


83. Write down all your passwords so that you don't forget them.

An app like this one will help you do just that.

If you’re prone to forgetting passwords like I do because I manage a ton of Pinterest accounts, this app will reduce the time you waste looking for passwords all the time.


84. Reflect on your life and the things that you wish that you had done differently.

Understand all the situations and understand what part you had to play in every situation.

85. Do some bible study session and pick out a verse to reflect on and build a spiritual connection with God.

86. Paint your Walls.

A fresh coat of paint always makes a room feel brand new and full of life. It gives you a feeling of a newness of life. And since you're spending a lot of time at home, staring at the same wall color could be making you feel like you're trapped.


87. Get into Knitting.

It's a great hobby to pick up and learn a few tricks of making garments.


89. Clean Under the Bed.

This is the place that never actually gets cleaned in the house.

Clean under all the beds in your house and ensure it is sparkling clean.

And if you haven't been cleaning it, let me just warn you that there will be lots of dirt.

That will definitely kill your boredom.


90. Find out ways on how you can make passive income as it will help you make money that you don't have work for.

91. Brainstorm on ideas on how to increase your income streams.

92. Do a Brain Dump.

Write down all the things that you've wanted to do in your life from personal, to relationships, to business, and work life.


93. Buy gifts and presents for friends and family if you have the extra money just to make them feel good.

94. Wash and groom your pet if you don't want to go to the vet and have yourself crowded in a vet's office.

95. Download Productivity Apps That Force you to be Productive.

Familiarize yourself with them to get more work done in a short period of time.

If you’re curious as to which productivity app I use, this one works for me. It’s easy to use and helps me keep track of the multiple projects that I have without making me feel overwhelmed.

If that sounds like your work life, this app will really help you.


96. Listen to Podcasts That Will Help You.

A client of mine recently launched a podcast for adhd entrepreneurs. It’s an amazing podcast if you have adhd.

There are so many podcasts on all topics that you can listen to that will educate you rather than being bored and doing nothing.

97. Start Online Networking.

Just because you’re cooped up in the house, it doesn't mean that you can't meet people who inspire you and push you to be your best. That’s why there’s the internet. Instead of mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, you can find an online community to get inspired.


98. Organize your beauty and hair products.

99. Clean your Makeup Brushes.

Most girls don’t clean out their makeup brushes after they use them.

And after a couple of uses, those brushes are usually so filthy.

If that’s you, take this time to wash your makeup brushes.

Not only is it a productive thing to do that kills boredom, it will also help you avoid a skin breakout from using dirty makeup brushes.


100. Wash your Hair and Style It by Yourself.

Also wash your wigs if you have any and arrange them.

If you don't have any dummy heads to put them on, this is the time to do it.

Remember to strive to look good so that you can feel good. That’s why this activity is great for you.

If you're always in your peejays you'll always feel like you're in a slump.

In fact, I hate working in my peejays because I am never motivated but when I'm dressed up, I get things done.


101. Brainstorm on the next content ideas that you'll be writing, filming or posting.


Bonus productive thing to do when you're bored at home.

Read this 30-day productivity challenge that will keep you looking forward to the next day.


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